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The blog building[x] has been around since late 2009.  Orginally started as building chatter as both a blog and a podcast by the same name, it was rebranded in early 2011 as building[x].  The podcast too was later rebranded as HVAC360, to focus more narrowly on the HVAC industry.

The overall goal for this website is to provide insight into the built environment, to help buildings get built better.  So who am I to go spouting off about this?  I have a decade and a half of engineering and construction experience, so I'm speaking to you from the trenches and just wanted to share what information I had with building professionals around the world.  Today I continue to see projects delivered faster and cheaper by society and find that the art of design and contruction is being turned into a finger painting exercise.  So this is one engineer's attempt to empower anyone ready for a challange.