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HVAC 360 - Episode 066 - LEED Basis of Design

This week on HVAC 360 I talk about the LEED Basis of Design.  Starting from definitions from ASHRAE Guideline 0 and LEEDUser, I share what I feel makes a good Basis of Design.  I also share my perspective on how the design team should view this document going forward.  To many view this document as an added burden of the LEED process where I suggest that teams integrate this into their Standard of Care and make it a part of doing business.  Allowing the BOD to be a tool that makes sure that they have all the information they need and that they are headed in the right direction.  It can also be used as a training tool for younger engineers and a way to integrate firm practices further into their projects.  As with many things the importance of this document is just to start now.  It can always be changed and often times large portions of it can be reused.  If you like this episode, please share and spread the word.

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ASHRAE Guideline 0

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