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HVAC 360 - Episode 068 - Thermostat Operation and Thermal Comfort

Welcome to this week's episdoe of HVAC 360 where we talk about Thermostat Operation and Thermal Comfort, along the lines of ASHRAE Standard 55.  While I have to admit most of you understand proper thermostat operation, you may come up short when describing it to a laymen.  This is where my visual analogy of the operation comes into play.  Hopefully this is something that you can use, but if not I talk a little about Thermal Comfort.  Although I didn't have my ASHRAE Standard 55 handy, I did have my Fundamentals.  Please consider sharing this episode or others that you have found enlightening with your friends and co-workers.

Here are some links that you might find of interest:

ASHRAE Standard 55

The thermal comfort chart

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